Well, after four or fivesixweeks of pictures from the trip to Denver with Mom, I’m left with a few packs of Polaroid: a pack of Black & White SX-70 and one of Color SX-70 from Mom’s, and a pack of 600 Color from Mom’s and (mostly) Kansas.



Black & White polaroid really is some lovely film. It works with Mom’s windows, even when I screw up the framing.

It especially works with flowers, even when I bork the exposure, but especially when I more or less nail the exposure.

Color SX-70 is likewise great. I’m not sure, but I might prefer its to 600, though with exposures like these, who could ever tell?

I wasn’t going to share the wildly underexposed one or the mostly overexposed one, but, looking again, I decided I quite like the dark one, and the light one makes for a nice triptych.

The 600 Color is an old friend, and the SLR-670s is a great camera. I love shooting it, but don’t often enough. Shame on me… all the money I spent on it? Sheesh. May Allah forgive me.


I took the SLR-670S and the Polaroid OneStep+ with the plan to have a shootout with the Black & Yellow and Black & Blue Polaroid, but then didn’t much shoot. I just couldn’t be bothered, really. Both cameras require some faffing around: I must use an external meter for the Mint camera; and I prefer to use the Polaroid app to shoot the OneStep+ in Manual mode. With a nice automatic 35mm camera, it’s just point-and-shoot. Polaroid is more like large format and nearly as expensive… maybe even more expensive. Shame that the film doesn’t store as well or as long.

Anyway. After working a few days from Mom’s, we left for Denver and I shot up the rest of a last pack of 600 before starting up the shootout, and I just didn’t bother with metering or checking settings… twice. smh.

Shame. Those could’ve been nice-ish, maybe.

There is some streaking and all, and after only 4 or 5 packs, looks like I need to clean the rollers or something.

And, finally, I’ve shared all the pictures from the Denver trip that I’m going to… for now anyway. Who knows. I may revisit these at some point and find some gems hidden in the discards. Stranger things have happened…

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