Once again, I’m a sponsor for this year’s Expired Film Day. I’ve missed a bunch of the announcements and submissions so far, but there’s another 10 days or so before I need to judge… and that means you have about 10 days to get your submissions in! So get to it!

Earlier this year, after enjoying Gregory Halpern’s Omaha Sketchbook, I hunted down some of the edge codes and ordered a couple of rolls of some of the old Fuji stocks he shot at various points in there, and that I hadn’t shot before (or didn’t remember shooting before): some Fuji Pro 160S and 160C, both in 120, both expired in 2006, but stored frozen according to the seller. I shot both at 60 in the Yashica Mat-124.

I started out with the 160C on Saturday, but let’s start with the 160S, which I took along on a Social Distance drive to the elementary school where I went to Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.

As I was headed back home, I stuck the Yashica-Mat 124 out the window to shoot a gas station that’s been there for all of my years (albeit with some remodeling maybe a decade ago). Just as I was about to fire, a car pulled up. The guy driving it saw me and reversed out of frame and gave me a friendly wave, so I shot, waved back, and then the light changed and we drove on. Fun times.

Shame that it’s a kinda boring picture, but whatever.

The rest of the roll was pretty much shooting just to shoot, and looked it, so I’ll spare you.

The Saturday roll, though, that was fun… Maybe I’ll save it for a second post… Why not.

Stay tuned! And get your 2020 Expired Film Day entries in by April 18!

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