Another reminder… Get your Expired Film Day 2020 submissions in by April 18! I’m sponsoring 2 prizes this year: best black & white photo shot at night, and best color photo of an amusement. So get to it!

For my first roll, I decided to try an experiment… I shot the whole roll through a large magnifying glass… Fun!

I swear I took a selfy with the set-up, but I can’t find it now, and I’m too lazy to recreate… so use your imagination!

I hoped for something more Chikako Watanuki-like, but alas, they didn’t turn out nearly as good. There’s something interesting here, though, I think. They’re pretty, anyway, maybe.

If you missed the first post, for Expired Film Day 2020, I shot Fuji Pro 160-S and 160-C, both expired in 2006, both in the Yashica Mat-124. I shot this roll on Friday and Saturday, March 13 and 14, and the other roll on Sunday, mostly, and mostly had a pretty good time.

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