Why I decided to shoot my first roll of Derev Pan 100 in the LC-W, in half frame mode, I’ll never know. Yes, I wanted to try the Derev Pan. And, yes, I wanted to try the LC-W’s half frame mode, but come on, James! Limit your variables!

Also: note to self: 500ml is insufficient to fully cover two rolls of 35mm in a two reel Paterson tank.

Let’s get two things out of the way first:

  1. If shooting foliage, do yourself a favor and grab a filter. Yellow, orange, your choice, but grab a filter. Otherwise, foliage tends towards an undifferentiated mass.
  2. As mentioned above, 500ml is insufficient to cover two rolls of 135 in a two reel Paterson tank, so you’ll notice a dark band at the top or side of many frames below, sometimes mottled, sometimes solid, but always present.

For example. Here’s the leader:

Also, the film base is super thin, so light piping is an issue on the first few frames. (Though the biggest issue was the lack of sufficient developer.)

Before I get too far into it, I developed in Ilfotec HC, 1:31 for 6.5 minutes. I do a pre-soak for most films, and the soak water came out black, so I rinsed a few times before I got started, and the water turned dark blue, then almost cerulean, before going clear-enough to start the developing.

Now on to the tale of the roll. Apologies for the wall of pictures!

I shot a bit in a rainstorm while driving around, then put the camera down for a bit. I’ve been in a slump lately… Oh well.

About a week later, I took it for a long walk in my favorite park. I hoped to finish the roll there, but 75 frames is a ton of pictures…

After that, the camera sat for another week or so. I took it on a walk to and from the Masjid one day.

I took one selfy… (and a couple of random shots in my office, see below)

And finally finished it off in a heavy storm at home one afternoon.

Throughout, I tried to think of diptychs… they often failed, and I more often forgot, but at least I have a few to show.

Also the LC-W had one winding error that wound up working ok, but still. At least it confirmed itself to be a member of the LC family!

I shot another roll in the FM3a with the 35mm f/2 D. Look forward to that in a day or so. I’ll have more comments there.

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