Really, the Spring 2019 Polaroid Week was fine, as weeks go, and I had a good time shooting Polaroids as I always do. My rampant negativity stems less from photography, than from a creeping sense of futility and inability to imagine any sort of positive future, from a personal, where am I going, what is happening, standpoint.

When shooting Polaroids of nothing at $2.25/shot is the high point, well, Mr. you need to take a long look in the mirror.

If only I could stand the sight of myself.

But enough whining. Let’s enjoy some Ice Cream Frames! Woo!

I had no plan for these, really, though two of the above will return tomorrow, as I played with the closeup filter and exposure slider on the Impulse SE.


At least I got my framing more or less right for this pack… Oh, and the toe in my bowl of Captain Crunch Berries just makes it for me, and really speaks to just how wonderous life is at the moment.


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