I should subtitle my entire Spring 2019 Polaroid Week “Expensive Snapshots” or “Wasted” or “Move On: Nothing to See Here” or “Testing… Testing… Testing… (No One Receiving).”


For my first pack, I chose one of my oldest: 2018’s limited edition, online only, Deep Sea Dive frames. Given the wild frames, I decided early on to shoot mostly blank walls, monochrome scenes devoid of any interest or subject, etc.

Let’s see how long that lasted… Here’s the whole 8 frames, in order:

Well… That plan went out the window.

I forgot that the Impulse SE is not the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2. That is, that the viewfinder on the Impulse SE is close to accurate.

So I lined everything up in the viewfinder, then shifted the camera to the left to compensate for the OneStep 2’s wildly inaccurate and largely useless viewfinder while shooting with the pretty good Impulse SE. In doing so, I often tilted the camera slightly.

:facepalm: IDIOT.

Thus wasting $19-25 (I don’t recall if this frame came out before or after the price drop) of Deep Sea Dive goodness…

Go me!

Look forward to more expensive snapshots, move-on-nothing-to-see-here shenanigans in the coming days!

Apologies for my negativity. At time of writing, I’m in an awful mode and don’t care to hide it. Look forward to my usual perky drivel soon, perhaps.

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