As yummy as it sounds, ice cream is not the answer to all of life’s problems. It might be the answer for some of them, but, really, I do better with regular, strenuous exercise.

Alas. I have no interest or motivation at present, so let’s have some Ice Cream… Polaroid Originals Ice Cream Pastels, that is.

For this 3rd pack for Polaroid Week, spring 2019, I had no plans, but there were two pictures from pack 2 that didn’t turn out quite how I wanted.

Here they are:

For the image on the left, I wanted the reflection in the mirror to be the brightest part of the image, as it was in the scene as I saw it. How to achieve that?

Well… I covered the flash with my hand and mucked with the exposure slider.

For the first (the one on the left), I only covered the flash. I then slid the exposure slider all the way to the left, and tried again. To my shock and awe, the shutter stayed open for a long time! Who knew? (Likely, virtually everyone else… Duh.) I suspected I had introduced some camera shake, so I steadied myself and tried again…

$6.75 well spent, I’d say…*

Next up, I need a new selfie… This is largely spurned by the Emulsive Interview I’m (not) working on, and Em’s insistence that I include an “epic bearded selfie.” Working on it, Em! (Not that he’ll read this, ever.) But so far, it’s been an abysmal failure.

Honestly, the one from pack 2 was vastly superior, though I like how walleyed and half crazed I look in the third…**

I took two other pictures, one on the way to somewhere, and another around the house. Yay.

The early morning light on the sofa actually works pretty well, and is probably the best shot of the week, as far as color fidelity, light, and selfies go. (I expect you could zoom into the lamp, and catch a blurry bit of me holding the camera, and that’s about as much as I want to see of me these days.)

So it wasn’t all bad, I suppose.

*If you’re familiar with my $0.53 Quick Trip Ice Cream test, I could’ve gotten 13 Quick Trip ice cream cones for what those three frames of the mirror cost, and likely had way more short term enjoyment. Sure, I’d know somewhat less, and probably feel somewhat worse, but still…

** If you’re counting, I made it up to 26 Quick Trip ice cream cones on largely wasted frames from this pack…

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