More than a month ago, for 127 day, I took a trip out to Mineral Wells, with a whole bunch of cameras, for a morning of hiking and shooting. It was a good workout, and a good time!

Since then, I’ve felt a bit of malaise about photography, and I’ve taken a bit of a break. In an attempt to kickstart my interest, and put some fresh content on the blog, here, then, are some pictures from the new-to-me-and-still-in-testing LC-A

Several months ago, my beloved LC-A, the first film camera I actually bought for myself, died an ignoble death (developed the dreaded sticky shutter syndrome, thanks to the “repair/cla” I had done overseas last summer, during which they (un)helpfully oiled the shutter; attempts to repair it resulted in death), so I bought another one for cheap. It had some issues that I thought I solved with parts from the dead one, and I put the back and bottom plate from the dead one onto the living one; I felt lazy to put new seals on the new-to-me back, and wanted the ghost mod from my old one on the new one.

Well, I think the new-to-me one has a slightly different design from the old, dead one, and the new LC-A had a strange light leak, I believe from the hinge area.

In studying the two backs, the new one has a different covering and appears to have a slight contour to the back that the old one didn’t have, and since shooting this roll (and another one, as yet undeveloped), I sucked it up, replaced the light seals, and will report back at some future date.


My darling, adorable wife and her son went away for the weekend of 1/27, and so I had 3-4 days all by myself, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially this trip to Mineral Wells, which I believe I detailed somewhat in my first roll review of the Nikon Lite Touch Zoom some weeks ago.

tl;dr: I hiked down into Penitentiary Hollow, then down to the lake, then back up to the Hollow, then up, around, following various trails toward the primitive camping area. It was a good time, and the LC-A did fairly well, though the meter did fail for a brief period about halfway through. I’m not sure why, maybe a loose connection, or maybe there was something on the meter eye thing. Allahu Alim.

Anyway, just before the Mineral Wells trip, I got my hair cut, nice and short. It felt good too, and I think I look pretty good…

I also took a fun sunset-on-the-Alltrack, reflection selfy thing. It doesn’t quite work, but maybe has some possibilities…

So. Here, then, are the hiking pictures I promised. Good times. I have no idea why I shot so many vertically oriented pictures on this roll, but I did. Probably 2/3 of the roll are vertical. Strange, but whatever.

I had a good-enough time preparing these photographs and banging out this post. I hope it’s enough to get me interested in developing, scanning, and getting some more stuff out there. Again, Allahu Alim. God alone knows.

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