January 20. 1/20. 120 Day!

As mentioned earlier, I decided to shoot a roll of 20 year old Konica SRG-3200 in the Holga for 120 Day and figured I needed a safety: a fresh film and a camera with the ability to focus, set exposure, and a reasonably sharp lens. The Yashica-Mat 124 was an ideal choice (and my the only one available to me at present) for the latter, and I had the choice between some FP4+, HP5+, Acros, Pro 400H, Portra 400, Portra 160 VC, and Portra 160.

Now. I wanted to save the FP4 for a future FP4 Party. The Acros and 400H are part of my retirement fund. I love HP5, but wanted to shoot color. I haven’t shot any 160VC, but was already shooting a roll of expired film and didn’t want to chance it. I like Portra 400 and don’t much like Portra 160, but I had two rolls of 160 and just one of 400, so the 160 won. I decided to expose it at 125, just to see what would happen, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I already told the story of 120, more or less, and I pretty much shot the Yaschia-Mat and Holga side by side, so I’ll spare you the play by play.

Keller: morning sun on a warehouse; the park where Granddad and I fed the ducks.

Denton. Back down to Dad’s place, where I grabbed a quick portrait.

I need to remember the lens hood next time I go shoot the Yashica-Mat.

Then an afternoon drive to try (and fail) to clear out my fury.

Reminder to self: GET OUT OF THE CAR. You’re a photographer, James, not a taxi driver. You have legs. Pull your pants up and get out. Walk. You’re big enough that no one is going to mess with you. Rent-a-cops are easily avoided, laughed at, or sheepishly apologized to. People less fortunate than you may ask for a handout, and if so, you often have a few bucks and can easily-enough spare the change. Why do you so rarely get out of the car? Why the fear, the trepidation, the inaction?

/self talk.

So that was 120 day. Sunday (January 27) is 127 Day. I have the Reflex Syncro, but no 127 film for it, so probably won’t paricipate (unless I roll some 35mm into one of the spools I have… Hummm…) February 20 will mark 220 day… I have a roll of 160 VC in 220 that I could shoot. And June 20 is 620 day, though I don’t (at present) have a 620 camera and so probably won’t participate.

And, yes, I know I swore off film parties last year, but I kinda like these “shoot a roll or two in one day” things. They get me moving, and are sorta fun, even when I’m in a horrible, wretched mood. Good times.

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