Out the Window… Dallas, TX 2018

How many times have I shared this view, let alone shot it… Well, today is my last opportunity. Equifax is closing its Dallas office, and from 2 July, my coworkers and I will be working from home.

It’s really a sad day for me. Sure, I’ll save on fuel and maintenance costs on the car, and, sure, I’ll save money on the vending machine and the deli downstairs, and I won’t be dumping the (mostly corn syrup) creamers and 3 spoonfuls of sugar into my 15 cups of coffee  (and probably improve my health as a result), but I’m really going to miss my coworkers (well, the 1 or 2 other coworkers who regularly come into the office) and former bosses and all, and Equifax have finally put the coffin nails into my hope for someday growing my team locally.

I think I’ll make a zine or something to commemorate it.  God knows I have enough pictures for one… Watch this space.

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