Unboxing some Silberra film…

I backed a bunch of different Silberra films. 160, 200, Ortho, I forget what else. So far, I’ve received 2 rolls each of Silberra Pan 200 and Silberra Ultima 200 (I Indiegogoed that pair twice), and I filmed an unboxing of both, but then decided against sharing them, so instead, you get this nice first shot, of my unboxing rig…

Yes, that’s a Tokina 12-28 f/4 on the D7000, and, yes, that’s what I film unboxing with. It’s fine, for what I do with it.

Silberra Pan 200, shot in the Nikon FM3a with Nikkor 28-105D and souped in Ilfotec HC, 1:63 for 12 minutes.

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