I’ve gone and done it again… opened the film back before rewinding the film. This time, it was out of frustration. I shot frame 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, and it just kept going, and would’ve likely hit, maybe, 42 or 43: the good people at Lomography just included a few extra frames on this roll.

Disgusted, I opened the back to wind the film on properly and discovered that it was already wound-on and very near the end of the roll… In sha’Allah, the next time that happens I’ll stick the camera into the dark bag and make sure. I mean, I like all the crazy colors, but there were a couple of really nice shots in that last couple of frames, I think.

But I do like the progression: strange color shifts in the sprockets…

Unknown Tree

…followed by some golden bands that obliterate one image and leave golden edges on others…Unknown Tree, with Gold


…and then total whiteout…

reaching out into the void

…with, just maybe, one picture hiding in the dark…

taste the rainbow

To be honest, though, I’d rather have the pictures that I shot, the shots that I framed up and waited for the wind to die down a bit and got my focus dialed in just so.

May Allah guide me to more patience.


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