I’ve been spending a good bit of time trying to channel my inner Hulger Foote of late, looking for color peeking through blurred out foreground. Sometimes I get it; sometimes I don’t…

This one’s got it, mostly.

old and new leaves

This one, not so much.

focus error

This one gets a bit warmer, but not really.

chain link and vine

And this one misses it altogether, though I still like the color: Lomography Color 100 loves afternoon sunshine.

this way and that

But with this one, I think I nailed it…

There’s plenty going on there to keep the eye moving around, plenty little pops of color to keep you looking, loads of lines pushing this way and that. A bit of spot cleanup and maybe a slight straightening to get that tree branch on the left closer to vertical, and this might be print-worthy.

If I had a printer.

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