What is that?!?

Kodak HD400 bubble things

In the middle, sorta lower third, sorta on the left, see that round, almost amoeba looking thing?

Down in the lower right hand corner, see the two similar looking things?

Now look closely… they’re all over the place, but only on this one frame, the first full frame from a roll of Kodak HD400 (expired November 2015). There are a couple of similar looking dots on the second frame, but only maybe a couple, and they’re tiny.

Kodak HD400 bubble things 2

I thought maybe it was the filthy window, but they look to be parallel to the film plane instead of aligned to the window, much like the dust/hard water spots, and the strange hyper color amoeba things high on the right and left.

Thankfully, it’s not on the rest of the roll, nor is it on the second roll I shot through quickly, after discovering this one with strange bubble things on it and fairly awful grain on many frames… I think the grain was partially due to this being the first roll (of 2) developed in a fresh batch of chemicals that may have been a degree or so too hot, because the second roll is much cleaner.


Any idea what the bubble things are in the top frame? I’m curious.

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