The big thing that interested me about Compania Imago is their film canisters… So many individuals and groups out there are winding old expired films into reclaimed canisters and putting new labels on them (and when/if I get a half frame 35mm camera, I plan to start playing with some from Labeauratoire and the friendly people of the Film Photography Project, and I’ve already shot some Cine 200 from Lomography and some Kono Kolorit), but Compania Imago is going one step further, and creating their own film canisters from PLA (plant-derived plastic) and wood pulp.

Compania Imago canister

Pardon the grainy iPhone photos…

The best thing about the Compania Imago canisters is that they’re easy to open, and reloadable. Woot!

Open Compania Imago canister

A wee bit of tape, some scissors, and a 100ft roll of some nice film, and there might be some bulk loading, I might shoot through 100ft of something in my future!

But I have 9 more rolls of Compania Imago film left to shoot through, first, and Allah alone knows what lies in my photographic future…. Hopefully not a whole lot more of the huge, wasteful errors that I committed with the Orwo NP7 that was in this canister.

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