I’ve mentioned it a few times already, but over on my tumblog, I’m running an ongoing series of pictures taken with the iPhone, while wandering up, down and around the parking garage or the various strip malls, or down in the strange, brand new, bright and shiny soccer/cricket/lacrosse fields near the creek and wooded area nearby, on my newly (as of November 2015) enforced lunch breaks. So far (and for the foreseeable future), the project happens with the iPhone 5 and Hipstamatic in its shuffle mode. I shoot 20 or 30 or 40 pictures of whatever catches my fancy, pick the best one, maybe massage it a bit more with the fancy Hipstatools, and try to post it before I get back to work.

It’s a fairly quick procedure, usually, and one that won’t really work with the (slightly) slower and more deliberate film process. But that’s fine, as it gives me more opportunities to shoot and more things to share here, so Alhamdulillah.

I was in some kind of zone with these, I think. In sha’Allah I can keep it up.

Maybe the new processing technique had something to do with it too, Allah knows. But the pictures from this roll and some of the ones I shared last week from the Espio have something special about them.

Another case of a bunch of pictures that look to me like someone else made them… SubhanAllah. Walhamdulillah. Wa Allahu Akbar.

I need to start printing some of these I think, or start putting a book together. These are just too good to rot here on my blog.


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