In Islam, we strive to do things fisabilillah, for the sake of God, without consideration of worldly gain or worldly harm. We give to charity, we pick up garbage in the street, we give our brothers and sisters Salams, not because it makes us feel good or superior or friendly—though it does—but for the sake of God, seeking His pleasure.

So tonight, Hana and I delivered Iftar to some of the neighbors, fisabilillah. In sha’Allah they will enjoy the simple provisions we shared with them, and Ins sha’Allah it will provide some much-needed nourishment after a long, hot day.

And it was a hot one today, Alhamdulillah.

My contribution to the snack was a cup of banana pudding. In sha’Allah it’s a treat for everyone: I expect that the vast majority of the people we delivered to (likely all but 2) have never tasted the delight of this white trash classic.

One small error, though: I forgot the CoolWhip… At least most of them won’t notice.


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