Analog to the rescue!

After all the digital woes (that I didn’t know about till I returned), I’m so glad I took the LC-A and a couple of rolls of film along. Without them, I’d have only a few shots from the phone to share.* Alhamdulillah.

I didn’t shoot much before the first weekend, even though I loaded the LC-A shortly after takeoff.

I took a few shots at the Volcano, but none really came out. This one shot came from the Lankaster Botanical Garden in Cartaga. They have a large orchid collection there. Again, it’s a shame the digital rig didn’t work out. (That reminds me of another picture I could share: the Leaf Cutter ants… it’s not 100% in focus, but it’s macro-ish of leaf cutter ants, and that’s maybe enough.)

Admittedly, this one isn’t in focus, really, but it’s a better sort of not-in-focus than I found when I stuck that card into the computer…

Anyway. Enough talk. From now on, I’ll strive for more pictures…

*My first thought was to take only film… the FG and maybe half a dozen rolls, plus maybe 3 lenses: 24, 50, and 75-150. The weight wouldn’t’ve been much more. But I was worried about film going through Airport Security, and so at the last minute I decided to drop film altogether and go with the D7000/28-105 kit. And at absolutely the last second, I grabbed 3 rolls of film and the LC-A and stuffed them into a couple of pockets on my briefcase. All praise and thanks be to Allah azza wa jall for guiding me to that.

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