Olympus C-5050 / Lomo LC-A

I ended up at 3 different nurseries with 3 different cameras. I didn’t much realize it until later, but it makes for a good opportunity to compare/contrast digital and film cameras.

Disclaimer: I’m not interested in disparaging either: pretty, fun, decent, mediocre, bad, artistic, etc. pictures have been made with both, and it’s not about the camera, or the format, or the film, or the lens, or anything, really—a photograph is a photograph, a good photograph is a good photograph, and a bad photograph is a bad photograph no matter the format.

But it’ll be fun to compare/contrast anyway.

First up: similar shots from the LC-A and Olympus C-5050.

The color, contrast, and saturation are far more pronounced with the digital, and the image is a bit sharper.

But the light was flatter in the greenhouse with the LC-A, and it was later in the day.

I have to say, as pictures, I don’t much mind either of these. Maybe the C-5050 wins in the glossy race; but the LC-A wins, hands down, in the fun race…There’s more where these came from in the coming days. Please chime in if you have any comments to share.

And I think I’m going to start omitting processing notes. If you miss them, let me know and I’ll start them back up again.

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