MashaAllah. My darling adorable wife looks like Audrey Hepburn or something, don’t you think? SubhanAllah. MashaAllah. Allahu Akbar.

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been all Hana all the time this week. Two years ago this week, back when we worked together, her team moved to my side of the suite. I mark this as the beginning of our life together, and I can’t give enough thanks to Allah azza wa jall for this magnificent gift.

Glamour Hana and Sly Hana were shot with the Nikon FG, Nikon 50mm f/1.8 E Series, and Lomgraphy Cine 200 film; Hana descending a staircase and Hana admiring a curtain were shot with the Lomo LC-A and some Lomography Color 100 film. All were developed at home, scanned with the Scan-O-Matic 7000, and processed in Lightroom 5.

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