If you didn’t know much about Kerrville, well… it’s in the Hill Country and it straddles the Guadalupe river; it’s surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, dotted with dying farms and creased by dried up-looking creeks; it’s a great place for scenic drives and for photography, if the light and weather is right…


But it’s not a place to take your Bengali Hijabi wife, no matter how adorably cute she is, nor how friendly, intelligent, and considerate she might be.

People down there don’t pay much mind to other white folks, but they perk right up and pay attention when the room darkens even the slightest.

Some actively ignore, to the point of appearing to refuse service; others defer to the jerk that makes her wear that thing on her head and treat her rather patronizingly; others openly gawk, to the point of dragging friends and coworkers over to join them and/or pointing excitedly.

May Allah forgive me for subjecting my darling, adorable wife to such treatment, may He help me to remember this trip and others and remain mindful of them when booking future vacations, and may He guide me to choose friendlier vacation spots.

And may He forgive me for backbiting the good people of Kerrville.

But the Guadalupe was beautiful in the dammed-up parts around town.

Developing Notes: When drying negatives, DO NOT wipe them, not with lint-free eyeglass-cleaning cloths, not with anything else. You’ll just coat the negatives with lint and dust, the likes of which you would never see otherwise, and they’ll be very difficult to clean. But as long as the dust and lint aren’t stuck to the emulsion side, you can more or less scrub everything off the base side with some long exhales and the aforementioned lint-free cloths.

Also, this is the 7th roll to go through the Tetanol kit, and from my 4th batch. Nothing much to report with the actual developing: it went off without a hitch.

Nikon FG, Nikon 50mm 1.8 E-Series, Lomography Color 100, developed at home, scanned with the Scan-O-Matic 7000 I, and processed in Lightroom 5.

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