Going into this, I hadn’t spent much time around goats since that one died in the backyard under rather mysterious circumstances back when I was a kid. So, as you might imagine, I didn’t know much about choosing a goat to sacrifice.

Islam has some rules about this: the animal must be of a certain age (goats must be a minimum of 1 year old) and in reasonably good health (blind, maimed, sick, or otherwise imperfect animals are unacceptable: we strive to give the best to Allah azza wa jall). But beyond that, it’s kind of an eenie meenie miney moe type affair for many first-timers.

I saw a couple of good looking specimens, but mentioned to Brother Ishaq (one of the organizers) that I didn’t know much about selection criteria, and a couple of minutes later he just handed me one.*

I don’t know much about goats, so if you do maybe have a look at him and let me know what you think.

In case you missed it, this is udhiyah week: yesterday we took a brief look at the farm, today we picked out a goat, and coming up soon we’ll sacrifice it (not pictured), skin & gut it, butcher it (not pictured) and cook some up.

iPhone 5, built-in camera app, mostly in HDR mode. Minimal cropping/processing on a couple of pictures in Lightroom 5.

*He picked a good one too: the ones I had my eye on were larger, and likely wouldn’t have fit in the cooler I brought along…

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