Today marks the last day of Eid al Adha, the second, and final, holiday in the Islamic calendar, marks the end of the Hajj (for those blessed enough to be able to attend and honors Abraham (alahi salam) and his willingness to sacrifice his son.

A major part of the celebration is the udhiyah (أضحية)—the sacrifice—and I’m interrupting the usual flow this week to share some parts of my experience.

Instead of our usual programming, this week we’ll briefly visit the farm (today), select a goat, sacrifice it (not pictured), skin (& butcher) it, cook it up, and eat it.

So here’s the farm:

I was surprised to find such a large plot of land in this particular part of Texas. It just seemed to go on forever, and much of my time there was spent deep in the wilds of the back part of the property.

This was a wildly interesting experience, and one that I’m still trying to process. Apologies for not having more to share with you today.

May Allah accept the udhiyah from me and all the Muslims throughout the world, Ameen.iPhone 5, built-in camera in pano and normal mode. Slight cropping and exposure adjustments in Lightroom 5.

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