I got this camera from my mom; she has no idea where it came from, and there is little to no information available about it on the internets, so I thought I’d shoot a roll through it and do up a bit of a review.

It came to me with a roll already in it, of unknown vintage (likely sometime in 2006, if I remember the film canister correctly… sadly I can’t check the film as Walgreens didn’t bother to return my negatives, and since they sent the film away to be developed, the negatives have completely disappeared into the ether—last time I darken their door: believe), so here are a couple of shots from that roll, taken while in Arkansas in mid-December 2013.

Given the unpromising results achieved with this camera (partly due to the age of the film; mostly due to the camera, which is fully automatic, as far as I can tell), I’m not too excited about putting another $15 through it, but we’ll see. Should I get the courage, or chance or something, I’ll write up a proper review later.

Pentax ESPIO AF Zoom 35-70mm full macro, film unknown (I think it was a Kodak film, discontinued in 2006, but I really have no recollection). No processing in Lightroom: not with it.

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