Introducing my last planned project for 2014…

Welcome back, Macro Mondays!

This week: Hair!

D7000, Mamiya/Sekor 50mm f/2, reversed, with pop-up flash in Manual mode. Some slight processing in Lightroom 5.

So to recap: where 2012 had the 365 project (one picture per day), and 2013 had the 7/52 project (7 pictures per week), In Shaa Allah 2014 will have Macro Mondays, Black & Wednesdays, and Phoneography Fridays.

In addition, I plan to post some longer pieces—reviews, photowalk writeups, short projects, etc.—periodically (on Sundays), with some additional fun stuff throughout the week as time and inspiration allow.

Here, if you’re interested, are my groundrules:

  • Macro Monday: pictures from any macro-capable camera,* taken at any time (though I will benefit from shooting regularly and trying out new things, and I really hate digging through the archives)
  • Black & Wednesdayany camera, any processing technique, from pictures made at any time
  • Phoneography Friday: pictures can be taken with any camera or camera app, but must be processed with the phone.

So if any of that sounds fun or interesting to you, stay tuned!

In addition, there are some fun changes coming (some are already here): now auto-posting to G+ instead of creating a separate post there (sorry, plussers!); a new mosaic gallery type courtesy of WordPress Jetpack; and later this week, a new theme and layout…

* I’m defining macro by the limits of my current lenses—the Tokina AT-X 35-200 f3.5-45 macro mode ranges from 1:4-1:7 or so on 35mm film; the Vivtar 70-210mm f/3.5 goes to 1:2.2; the Zomb-E goes to 1:1.5; any reversed 50mm lens gets to roughly 1:1, and reversing and/or extending can get me as close as 16.625:1, though that’s a pain… Let’s just define macro as “anything taken with a macro lens or a lens in close-focus mode, or with the lens reversed. In practical terms, this means either the D7000 or LX7.

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