I was saving this one for a day when I couldn’t make it outside due to inclement weather or other factors. Guess what? Other factors…

But this here represents something greater than 12:1. The white smudges are mm hash marks in a metal ruler, and the stuff at the top is the edge of that ruler

Come to think of it, I have a shot of the edge of the ruler all by itself:365.120 The New Super Macro Bros.

That’s the edge of the ruler, which might be 4mm deep… so the depth of field is around 2mm: that wavy blown focus stuff is the back half of the edge of the ruler… Jeez.


The New Super Macro Bros. reproduce one full mm and somewhere around .5mm, maybe .75mm, for a grand total of, say, 1.6mm.

The sensor on the D7000 is 23.6mm wide. 23.6/1.6=16.625, which makes my estimate rather way off…



16.625 to 1


D7000. Nikkor 24mm f.2.8 (at 2.8), reversed, mounted on the Vivitar 70-210mm f/3.5 Series 1 (Kiron) (at 210mm and f/3.5) via a set of step-down rings and a 52-52mm coupling ring, and all of that stacked on 104mm of extension tubes. ISO100, 1/4sec.

That is one dark setup, believe. I had to focus using 3 flashlights and a lamp, and take the shot with the SB700 at 1/2 power. (Look close, and you’ll see that I got close with the focusing, but not quite right…) Sheer craziness.
I wish I’d gone out walking instead, or stopped downtown on my way home and tried to try some street shooting, but I didn’t. I could blame work, which kept me an hour late. And I could blame the chores and phone calls I needed to make when I got home. And I could even blame traffic. But I won’t, because I can only blame my fear and my fear of changing my routine. Silliness.

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