The end of the year can be a bit confusing, schedule wise, what with all the days off work and all. Last Sunday, I was enjoying a nice visit with Mom up in Arkansas, then back here on Monday to enjoy two days off with Hana, and then back to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, so I didn’t make much time for shooting. I shot two rolls of film in Arkansas, and took them to the local Walgreen’s for processing—you know, the one on MacArthur with “One Hour Photo” in big lights on the outside of the building?—with the intent of sharing some analog pictures today, only to find that Walgreen’s took out their photo processing machines over a year ago. So much for truth in advertising, I guess.

Alhamdulillah! I didn’t get angry or start arguing with the guy, but just said fine and let him send it off somewhere. I was feeling a bit bothered, as you might understand, and so I didn’t request a photo disk, which  means I’ll have to find a scanner (assuming there are any worth sharing) somewhere—or set up a digital duplicating box… hummm—if I want to share any.

But I digress.

So it was late Friday when I remembered that I needed some pics. Thankfully, I had a couple of random Hipstamatic pics that I took at Mom’s house last Sunday, plus three from the ride home (after I ran out of film in the Lomo LC-A and started playing with the phone while driving <– tsk, tsk), plus a nice pic of Hana that I ran through Oggl, and so was only lacking one when yesterday rolled around. I was hoping to get a new picture to act as a temporary avatar until I can make a better one, but alas pic #7 was the best I could get.

Oh well.

I know this is the 52nd 7/52 project, but there are still more days in 2013, so you’ll get one more next week. In Shaa Allah, I’ll make some time with the D7000 over the time I have off in the coming days (back to work on Thursday, then off again till Monday the 6th: Alhamdulillah!), and be able to end strong.

iPhone 5. Hipstamatic. Lens/Film combos (in order): Jane/Ina’s 1982; Tinto 1884/Blanko; Yoona/Blanko 일; Diego/BlacKeys Extra Fine; Diego/Uchitel 20; Tinto 1884/Robusta; Tinto 1884/Robusta. No further processing.

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