So two Thursday’s ago marked 4 weeks since Hana and I got married. (Alhamdulillah! (All praise and gratitude to God)) So I picked up a couple dozen roses and stuck them in an empty (and clean, mind you) pickle jar. (Until yesterday, we didn’t have anything appropriate for putting flowers in… but a trip to the big Salvation Army store took care of that, partly, and the roses are now in a ceramic pitcher that would be more appropriate for a wildflower/country bouquet than roses, imo, but I digress.)

This week, knowing I would have little actual shooting time, I strapped on the Zomb-E early, and managed to make 25 or 30 minutes to shoot on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Things are beginning to calm down a bit, so InshaAllah (hopefully) I’ll have some time to get out on photowalks or at least around the neighborhood some in the coming weeks.

Everything was shot with the D7000 and the Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 Zomb-E Series, mostly on f/3.5, all at ISO800 in AP mode. Most all received minimal processing in Lightroom 5.

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