I struggled a bit for a theme early in the week, but remembered or read something about pre-visualizing aspect ratios (perhaps here) and decided to try pre-visualizing square crops from the 4×3 aspect ratio of the iPhone.

It proved remarkably easy to do, somehow. I expected it to be considerably harder.

But despite succeeding at this experiment, I feel a bit bad for having neglected the D7000 all week, like I took the easy way out, or cheated or something. Oh well.

Most of these were shot with the built-in Camera app, in HDR mode, and the resulting images combined & tweaked in the TrueHDR app, then cropped & tweaked in Filterstorm. Three were shot from the car window, one just before entering the car, two from the back patio, and one just after depositing the cat droppings in the dumpster, but that’s probably more information than you wanted…

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