In an attempt to get content onto the blog more regularly, I’ve decided to attempt a couple of personal themes, the first of which is Midweek Macro.

These are some little buds that are growing from a patch of moss in a flowerbed downstairs. I shot it with the LX7, manual focus, in AP mode, autoISO 320, 1/250th, f/1.4, -1 2/3 EV, and did some mild slider play in Lightroom 4.

The LX7’s macro focus is very handy, and the files are nice and crisp. The bokeh leaves something to be desired, but not much of a something, and the autofocus didn’t want to focus on the little flowers, hence the manual focusing, but I can’t express how handy it is to have a camera this tiny that can focus this closely and produce files of this quality.

Welcome to the future, James.

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