Well, at least I got the big camera out today.

I hit a sort of tipping point in the unpacking, and it’s (mostly) all downhill from here. I foresee a completed apartment come this time tomorrow, assuming my health holds.

I’m sore pretty much all over, and am half afraid that I got some sort of bacterial infection from one or another of the 8 bites I received from Ivan in trying to get him into the travel crate a couple of nights ago. Hopefully, though, the dragging arse feeling that I have is just due to dehydration and malnutrition, and hopefully the pedialyte and big effing salad, bowl of fruit, yoghurt and the soon-to-come usual nacho dinner will put me right again.

I’m not really feeling sick, but more feeling hungover, so I hope it’s just exhaustion and not something more serious, and so the unpacking is going a bit slower than it would otherwise.

Oh well.

This little park is just down the road from the new place. I found it when I tracked down a recycling drop-off bin, and took the camera with me in hopes of getting something nice to share.

There was good-enough light on the way there, but it changed about the time I parked and became that hazy afternoon blah that Texas (or Dallas, anyway) is so known for. Had I had a longer lens on me, I would’ve likely scored a better picture of the ducks, but I doubt I would’ve had the strength to hold it up…

If I was feeling better, I’d make another attempt today. Alas. I’m exhausted and feeling a bit beat down, so this will have to suffice.

D7000. Sigma 30mm f/1.4. ISO100, 1/8000th (AP mode), f/1.4, -1EV. About 90 seconds of slider play and a fairly radical crop in Aperture.

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