This snow stuff is hard to shoot! I need more practice… don’t expect to get much of it, though. This is Texas, after all.

But it’s Christmas Day, and we got what Bing dreamed of, so GoGo.

I shot about 40 shots off the back patio with the 50; swapped to the 30 and went out front for a few shots down the stairs and around the pool; swapped to the Zomb-E for some (failed) macro; and this was the best of a mediocre (at best) shot.

I’m tired of not having any identifiable subjects in my pictures, tired of making abstractions. This will be something I work on in next year’s project(s) what ever it/they is/are.

D7000. Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G. ISO800, 1/1000th (AP mode), f/3.5. About 45 seconds of slider play in Aperture.

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