Well, I made some progress today—got the last 2 loads of small things out of the old apartment and into the new; set up the entertainment center*; got the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom in (mostly) good shape; and had a 3 hour nap (the cats played Marco Polo from 9pm to 1am, and I got maybe 4 hours of rest); and am now just about to cook the first meal of the day.

I’ve not been kind to myself today, and it’s catching up with me. Yuck.

So all that remains is the daunting task of rebuilding the bookshelves; shelving the books; hanging the art; taking out the recycling; and finding places for the rest of the detritus and the nicknacks; and getting the cats used to the new place.

Fingers crossed that I get some rest tonight. If the cats start up again, I might be getting it on the sofa.

iPhone 4. Hipstamatic app: Tinto 1884 lens; D-Type plate. No post processing.

*I’m going to use the 24″ monitor with the old 13″ lappy, add some external hd’s (when I get new ones for the main work machine, this one) for media storage and a record player, control the whole thing from wireless keyboard/mouse, and stop having a desk for the focal point of the entire living area: this apartment will have zones for work, for reading, for lounging and chatting, for eating, rather than just one area with a sofa and a cluttered desk.

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