Well. Today was Moving day! Yay!

I’m worn out—and have been since about 11am, and if not then, then certainly by 1pm—and have really only one thing on my mind, and it’s not whatever Bob Dylan was singing about in whatever song that was…

I need rest. And then I need protein, vitamins, and salt.

When I was driving the truck back to the rental place, I caught my reflection in something or other… no, I reached up to scratch my forehead, and found salt crusted all over my forehead.

I think this is a sign of dehydration, maybe. Maybe. But I certainly feel dehydrated, and my lazy ways caught up to me today. Jeez. The buddy that helped me (1 of 2, which made things 2/3rds harder (1/3rd for each me and and a second 1/3rd for the one who showed), and made the whole thing take 1/3rd longer, or are my maths off?) worked about twice as hard as I did: he rides skateboards and walks most everywhere he goes. But I paid him well for it (gave him 90% of what I was going to whack up with the both of them, so everyone came out ahead: GoGo), and he looked at me funny every time I apologized for being so weak, stamina and fitness wise.

I did leave the broom at the truck rental place, and I did break the really awesome coffee cup that my step-niece and nephew gave me for Christmas some years ago. (It remains to be seen what else I broke…) That second one is really a shame… I loved that coffee cup, and it was the only one I use. I’ll have to use the travel mug until I find a suitable replacement…

Anyways, I’m phoning this one in. Apologies.

iPhone 4. Hipstamatic app, Tinto 1884 lens, D-Type film. No post processing. Make no mistake, this is not a good photo. I like the effect, and will play around to see if I can make some good pictures with it, but I really just want to lay down.

I should shower first, though…

Also: I’m in no way mad at the buddy who didn’t show. I’m a bit bothered, perhaps, but harbor no ill will, and sometimes wish I was the sort of person who could flake like that. I’m to serious much of the time, I think. Of course, now I’m just getting punchy…


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