Happy Thanksgiving US, and Happy justanotherthursday to everyone else!

I spent much of the day with Momma, and ate too much yummy comfort foods, so I’ll be skipping dinner tonight.

Well, maybe just a piece of pecan pie: I can’t resist that stuff.

Since I’ll be skipping dinner, I could spend that time trying to make a better picture, but I’m a bit weary and like the light in this one.

This was a test shot to get an exposure value for an 11-shot panorama of this feather that stitched beautifully, but didn’t meet even my limited standards for sharing. It’s not a great shot, but the light quality is pleasing to me: an LED flashlight aimed down the shaft of the feather, and a mini maglite bounced off of a little round chrome thing I found some weeks ago. I love light that bounces off of shiny metals.

D7000. Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina). ISO100, 1/3 second (AP mode), f/16, -1EV. Some cloning out of dust and stray feather bits in Aperture.

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