The leaves have finally really put on a show here in North Texas, and just in time for the major US autumnal holiday: Thanksgiving, with its historic images of pilgrims and turkeys and red/gold/brown leaves.

As I was leaving work and heading out to the car, I happened to look up just in time see some really fabulous light, filtering through the leaves. I didn’t manage to capture it, but it was there, and maybe there’s a hint of it here. I really needed the 50mm or the Zomb-E or even the Sigma 30 to get the light properly: the 24 is a bit too wide and the leaves were a bit too high to capture properly.

And I left out of the parking lot just in time to hit the heavy-ass holiday traffic, and it took over an hour to get home: hooray!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving, if you celebrate, and Happy Wednesday to everyone else!

D7000. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 ai. ISO200, 1/160th (APmode), f/8, -1EV. About 5 minutes of processing in Aperture, including a crop-down by close to half, and the composition is still pretty meh.

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