Well, I didn’t get the nice blur from yesterday, but I did get the panorama I was looking for (in the outtake, anyway), so that must count for something.

I’ll count this as a win, even though there are some things in both pictures that would be better in the other picture, if that makes any sense… probably not: I’m not feeling it today, not much anyway.

D7000. Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina), reversed on 40mm extension. 7 pictures (but Photoshop only used 4) [365 pic], and 6 pictures (outtake): ISO200, 1/160th, f/2.5 or something (the Vivitar goes 1.8, click, click, 2.8, and it’s on that second click…). Both stitched via Photoshop CS6 Photomerge, tweaked slightly with some photo filters, cropped, and passed to Aperture, where they got maybe 1 minute of slider play each.

And since I just realized that good-old WordPress (or maybe this theme) crops the featured image, here’s the full width version:

and a bonus Outtake that I like to call “fly me to the…”:


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