On my way to the dumpster with the days deposit of cat droppings at just after 5am, I noticed something odd. I had the iPhone on me, but its low-light capability is somewhat lacking, plus, my ability to handhold 1 second shutter speeds is rather limited.

So I came inside, fetched the tripod, remote shutter, and big camera.

I could’ve saved myself a bit of trouble if I’d swapped out heads right quick, though maybe not, since the joystick ball head refuses to support the ~5lbs of camera and lens at any sort of severe angle for long enough to pull of a 2″ exposure, which is what I wanted to keep the low ISO, and even though its rated for 8 or 12 pounds and has a tensioner built in…

So geared head it was, and getting the camera in position with that thing was the hardest part, next to getting myself into position on the dog-stained fake grass carpet that surrounds the planter on which most of the tripod rested.

After finding an appropriate exposure, the rest was fairly trivial, and I snapped this shot at shortly after 5:15…

D7000. Sigma 30mm f/1.4. ISO100, 2″, f/2. Minimal processing in Aperture.

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