On the back of the camera, this looked like Captain America somehow.

In the computer, it looked fairly dull, at first, but then began to transform: a discotheque; a growth of some foreign mold or crystal; superman’s skin, even; there were others.

In the end, it just became an abstraction, and I’m fine with that.

D7000. EL Nikkor 50mm f/2.8, on 100mm extension. ISO100, 1/25th (AP Mode), f/2.8, -2EV. Levels, mid-contrast, definition, and some other slight pushes in Aperture.

And now I need to clean this mess up… Insofar As I planned on shooting the same thing with the same tools all week, I didn’t put my toys away a single day: for shame. This place is now a wreck. Yuck.

But I made some pretty pictures! So that’s win, I suppose.

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