I wrote a whole rant about some advice a couple of professional photographers gave on their video podcast a couple of months go (and that I’m only getting around to watching just now), but I realized that 1) their advice was aimed at people who want to be professional photographers (i.e., not me); 2) their advice was based around photos to include in one’s portfolio (not this one, to be sure, and not that I particularly need a portfolio); 3) they were talking about traditional sorts of proper photography: landscapes and people and whatnot (and not abstracts like this); 4) there is no number 4; and 5) this is not a good enough photo to challenge any claims made by the pros, for sure.

So I deleted the rant and started again, since I only really wanted to say one thing:

Anytime is the Right Time for Photography!

D7000. Sigma 30mm f/1.4. ISO100, 1/30th (AP Mode), f/4, -2EV. Mild-to-medium processing in Aperture.

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