Open a new tab and go find a way to listen to Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Killer, especially the little section from 2:40-3:02. (This would be the version on theSamdhi album from 2011, the one you can find a youtube of with relative ease, or could as of 4:50pm Central Time today…) That rather manic bit of sound is the title of this piece.

I’m feeling a bit manic and put off all of a sudden, or maybe for the last half hour or so, I don’t really know, and I had a much calmer composition all ready—come to think of it, I’ll post it below—but I decided to just check and make sure there wasn’t a better one, and this one jumped out.


D7000. Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series, extended by ~50mm. ISO100, 1/3, f/3.5. Minimal processing in Aperture.

here’s the outtake… same settings, but a bit more processing in Aperture:365.183 Killer 2:40-3:02

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