For the record, this is NOT my entry for the Levi Moore’s SLIProject this week, and that’s why he’s not + mentioned, and the project is not tagged. I’ll make a separate post for that, and put a bunch of flashing lights on it, and it will come some time after I post 365.192 on this coming Saturday, as I plan to make this fun project part of my 365 work for the month.

If you’re unaware, the SLIProject is an attempt to illustrate song lyrics, one lyric/one picture per calendar week (Sunday-Saturday) for the month of July. It was started by Levi Moore on GooglePlus, and there are likely to be very many pictures that you can view by searching for #sliproject in G+.

I think it likely that the intent is to 1) come up with a groovy lyric, then (and only then) 2) go shoot it. For example, go shoot “Elementary Penguins Singing Hare Krishna.” Or maybe go out and find (or somehow construct) “these bathing caps that you could buy that had these kind of Fourth-of-July plumes on them.”

I think it likely that the intent is not to find oneself in a situation that has some tangential relationship to a song, and to snap some pictures hoping that you could find a lyric to match…

Today’s 365 shot is closer to the latter than the former, and that is part of why it is not my entry for the SLIProject…

I stopped to fetch some fuel on the way home, and decided to give the VW a trip through the carwash.

And as I was pumping diesel, I looked over at the Carwash, and started singing…

And I finished pumping gas and drove the car into the carwash, and only then realized that this would be much easier than shooting “just a dying fiction” or “please be still and hide your madness in a jar,” which were two lines I had in mind…^

So I whipped out the camera and started snapping away. I ended up with a couple that I didn’t mind, but none that I really liked, and the ones that captured the song the most needed some unnatural processing to get by.

But I think this one works, so here it is. And it definitely works for a 365 shot, I suppose, since I did experiment a bit, and did learn (or was reminded of) a few things, so that’s win, I suppose.

D7000. Sigma 30mm f/1.4. ISO100, 1/2000th (AP Mode), f/4, -2EV. Mild processing in Aperture.

^Yes, I listened to some Brian Eno today.

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