Pip is a happy little pug who really doesn’t much like these particular biscuits, but she’s not about to let Puck have it, and so she carries it around for awhile and only eats it to spite Puck…

I think Pip looks quite gangster, here. Sort of a Pugsy Siegel, perhaps, though that’s a bit too punny even for me. But definitely like a Godfather like character, with whom you wouldn’t want to mess.

In reality, she’s quite sweet, if a bit insistent.

A neighbor buddy brought her by, thinking I might like to make a picture or two, and she was right! So thanks go to Erika, for sure!

D7000. Sigma 30mm f/1.4. ISO100, 1/160th (AP mode), f/1.4, -2EV. Minimal processing in Aperture.

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