This is much more garish on the interwebs than it appears in Aperture. Apologies.

I may have mentioned this before, but I spend quite a bit of time on Google Street View at work, verifying business existence (at the time the GSV passed, at the very least), and keeping an eye out for interesting sights.

Like this.

I’m not quite sure what was going on with the cameras here, but it sure was groovy looking, like Warp Speed Mr. Sulu, or something. But whatever it is, the traffic is taking off!

And I’m glad it was, because I’m running a bit behind today, so it’s good that I made this picture earlier, since I’m whipped and really don’t feel up to shooting this evening.

I used 645Pro so I could get a tiff file with as much information as possible, and then played around in Topaz Labs DeNoise and Adjust 5, and Aperture, of course.

GSV and iPhone 4 with 645 PRO, on Night Mode. ISO100, 1/15th, f/2.8 (all picked by the app, of course). Absolutely crushed in post, and titled after, yes, Brian Eno and John Cale’s Spinning Away.

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