I had several ideas for a title for this one… a) the Trial; b) the Mob; c) When Zomb-E Series Attack; d) Attack of the Zomb-E Series III: the Reckoning; etc. But none of these felt right, so it just gets a generic title.

Does this remind anyone else of a long-lost Tim Burton movie?

Anyway… Fairly nasty weather in North TX today. I tried to get some pictures of birds and trees and nasty clouds, but it’s really hard to control the Zomb-E’s focal plane at distances greater than about 5 feet, so that was a bust. I’ll keep trying with this, as I can almost imagine making an entire art career out of this one broken lens…


If I wanted to make a career out of my very pleasant and rather relaxing (most of the time) hobby, which I don’t.

And not that this picture would be one to put in the portfolio or anything either. Oh well.

D7000. Zomb-E Series. ISO100, 1/60th (AP mode, -2 EV (I have no idea how that happened…)), f/3.5.

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