So I made some modifications to the CerealBoxStripBox(tm) last night: added a detachable snoot to help aim the strip a bit better. I’ll probably need to make a new one when I finish the next box of cereal, as this one has a few issues with spillage that are rather bothersome.


I was planning on shooting some test shots with the snoot, and maybe using one of those as the 365, but I started looking at the new shape of the stripbox with this rectangular box hanging off one side, and thought it would make an interesting macro shooting stage, if I could figure out a way to bounce light back into the snoot. Lo and behold: a strip of aluminum foil for a floor and an empty candy container (a foil bag) that I turned into a floppy sort of bounce card/reflector thingy a few weeks ago worked pretty well and I noticed that the multiple light bounces made some interesting reflections…

So out came the SB700’s CTO filter thingy and the LED Lightsaber things, and after a few attempts and wiggling the bounce card around, I thought I had it.

Alas, I had nudged the tripod when attaching the filter, and thus thrown The Creeper (the 75-150 f/3.5 E Series) out of focus… And once on the computer, it ended up that the foil floor didn’t really work that well after all.

So I pulled out a little polaroid photo-shaped mirror/frame thing (from PetaPixel), and that worked wonders, but I lost my touch with the bounce thingy…

Oh well. This one was close enough.

So: D7000, 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series, reversed, ISO100, 1/30th, f/11. SB700, diffusion panel down & CTO filter attached, at 1/2 power, fired into the CerealBoxStripBox(tm) with its diffusion card in place.

And, if you’re interested, here’s the set up:

365.60 …Lest the Flames Consume Me
Setup Shot: iPhone 4, shot with the iCameraHDR app to capture some extra detail.

Edit: I only realized that I shot this setup with the memory card hatch on the D7000 open: idiot. Oh well. I’ve already put everything away, and I’m not taking it all out and setting up again just to give an accurate representation of the event. I really need to make some notes so I don’t forget stuff like this. Oh well.

Edit 2: And now that I look at it again, I wish I’d found a way to have the conflagration reflected in the mirror… Oh well.

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