Sorry to keep dumping mere abstractions out, and for not bothering to come up with fun and witty titles…

I keep most of my lenses on the desk between the keyboard and monitor. Most of them get reasonably regular use. I’ve used all of them in the 365 at least twice, except for one lonely little darling…

The Holga 60mm f/8.

I keep waiting for just the right moment to take the lady out, but so far nothing has struck my fancy much…

So I decided to pull her out and play around a bit with close-focusing (by unscrewing the lens from the mount and holding it some distance away), and then—with a stroke of genius—by adding 49mm worth of extension tubes!

This was shot in Aperture priority. The D7000 chose a 4 second exposure at ISO 100 and f/8. The exif will report 58mm (the closest it has to 60), mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to go in and modify the settings.

And kudos to anyone who can identify the subject… (Hint: I’ve shot it—and shot with it—before, and will again).

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