Outtakes from yesterday’s 365 shoot…

Many are multiple-exposures, some are accidents, and most show strong evidence of the 75-150mm E Series and its notorious zoom creep. I’m not sure what I expected from having the camera in such a strange orientation, but the 75-150 will be forever (if lovingly) known as ‘The Creeper.’

I fired off about 80 shots, trying to hold the zoom ring in place, but not shake it in any way (fail) before I realized that I could just move everything around and shoot horizontally. :facepalm:

Check out my early brilliance:

365.58: the Outtakes

I used a couple of LED light saber lamp things to focus at higher apertures, and for the majority of the light in one or two of the shots.

All in all, this was good times. I hope to have similar amounts of fun during today’s shooting session.

All of these were shot yesterday, and are not part of today’s 365 project (which will be #59). Nikon D7000, 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series, ISO100. Many were shot with the lens on 49mm of extension tubes and/or reversed. Most had some involvement from the SB700. One was shot with the iPhone 4. One had a 30 second exposure (chosen by the camera, as I was doing a test shot in Aperture Priority-don’t ask me why). And I think many are sortof interesting.


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