I’m not entirely satisfied with this, but oh well. It’s going to be hard to get into a shooting mode after 9 hours at work and traffic, but I will find a way!

Macro, again (though I did take the 50mm outside and wandered around for a bit, with no usable results). And again with the 75-150 f/3.5 E Series, reversed, on 49mm Extension Tubes. ISO400, 1/4 Second, f/8.

If you were wondering, the depth of field is influenced by the extension tubes and the focus distance (I shot a ruler with and without the tubes at all available apertures f/3.5 – f/32, and will post pictures when I get around to it). The smaller the aperture, the deeper the depth of field, as usual. Without the extension tubes, I could get most of the frame in focus at f/32. With the tubes, only about 80% was in focus at the same aperture. I might have more to say on this if my eyes weren’t all droopy from staring at a monitor all day.

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