365.26 playing with a magnifying glass and bounce flash

ISO1250 (I was trying to shoot in the dark, then added the SB700 but forgot to change the ISO :facepalm:. Luckily, the D7000 keeps its noise down fairly well, and sending to the interwebs at 800px wide doesn’t hurt either.) 1/60th, f/5.6, flash in TTL mode and bounced off the ceiling, so I bet it […]

365.19 D7000 Family Portrait

Families the world over are glad they didn’t pay me to take a family portrait today… 365.19 D7000 Family Portrait, versions 1 & 2 On the left: Nikkor 50mm 1.8G, Nikkor 10-24 3.5-4.5G, and wacky Auntie Holga. On the right: Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series, Nikon 36-72mm f/3.5 E Series, and the LensBaby Muse. Center: […]